Members Catteries.

Please take a moment to browse the beautiful cats belonging to our members. Many of our breeders are more than happy to assist a new kitten owner introducing them to the  joy of their breed and to also showing. 

Mighty Pawz Maine Coons

Located in beautiful North Queensland. Our breeding program focuses on good health, quality and an amazing temperament

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Kamaria Ragdolls and Siberians

Located in Townsville North Queensland.

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We breed for quality, good health and amazing temperament 

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Prideshill Siberians

Located in Brisbane.

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We breed for health, quality, hypo-allergenic cats. With amazing personalities.

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Pussyfoot Exotics N Persians

Pussyfoot Persians N Exotics are located in the Tropical Mackay.

Kittens are bred for quality, not quantity and are from a PKD negative Cattery

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Amjance Ragdolls

Amjance Ragdolls are located on the Fraser Coast.

Multi award winning cats and kittens, with beautiful personalities and healthy, socialised cats and kittens, bred to standard

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Alaska Maine Coons

Located in beautiful Bowen Alaska Maine Coons breed for stunning looks, great personality and optimal health. 

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